Don’t be another website horror story

It doesn’t seem to stop no matter how many posts I write or interviews I do. There are always online entrepreneurs posting in Facebook groups that their site was hacked + they have no idea how, or why, or what to do to get their content back.
I’m sure you’ve seen those posts yourself + thought “that sucks, but thank goodness it isn’t happening to me.”
Or maybe seeing someone else go through that crap motivated you for a day or two, but your security efforts have since fallen flat. I get it — of all of the things that we deal with as business owners, online security has to be one of the least exciting topics.
But the nightmare of dealing with a hacked site is more excitement than anyone likely wants to deal with — especially when it leads to lost sales, lost trust + lost content!

Do you have a 15 minute gap in your calendar today?

If so, book a small work block so you can find out exactly where your security weak points are. In those 15 minutes all you have to do is take this free WordPress security quiz.
Once you answer the quiz questions (fewer than 15 of them), you’ll be shown tutorials that you’ll want to follow to make your site more secure. Only articles that will help you are shown — there’s no need to repeat security work you’ve already done.
You have the option to have the results emailed to you, but they’ll be shown to you regardless of if you provide your email address or not. Which means you have no excuse not to take the quiz.
If you only have a few minutes to spare today, take the quiz + add each tutorial to your to do list over the next few weeks. You’ll have a secured WordPress website before the holiday madness kicks in + not get roped into dealing with a hacked site when you’d rather be making holiday cookies + spending time with your family.
Let’s avoid you being another website horror story + get your site secure before it’s too late!

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