are you ready to stop stressing about WordPress updates, site speed + hackers?

we both know that business is tough stuff — removing the tech stress will help ease your responsibilities + make it easier for you to succeed. and we will be there to cheer you on as your business grows.

you + your WordPress site deserve vitamin c hosting.

your website is your online home. you spend plenty of time making it look the way that you want to, adding the furnishings that you need to thrive + ensuring that it’s inviting to guests. plus it’s an investment you want to protect.

what does every home need? a plot of land to sit on. which is where our vitamin c hosting service comes in, because hosting is the equivalent of that plot of land.

the hosting companies that charge a few dollars a month are selling tiny parcels of land to a huge quantity of people. which means you don’t have much room to grow your business or much choice in the businesses that you’re sharing space with.

we make sure to provide you with enough space to grow while avoiding the issue of “too much space” which can lead to extra maintenance work + wasted resources. (no one wants to do that much yard work.)

can we ditch the metaphor + get a little geeky now?

we focus our hosting services around 5 essentials.

speed: end the embarrassment of having a slow site. not only are our servers fine-tuned just for WordPress, but they aren’t bogged down with as many sites as possible. which means your site will load lightning fast.

in fact, our client’s sites load in 2 seconds (on average). that’s zippy!

security: we give a lot of damns about WordPress security. it’s what we’re known for. if your site is ever hacked while hosted on our server, it will be fixed for FREE. that’s how confident we are in our vitamin c hosting security. period.

we’ve “unhacked” dozens of sites that used cheap hosting + paid for it dearly.

support: how amazing would you feel having two companies supporting your site? that’s exactly what you get with this orange-carpet treatment — you can contact us during the day or the Flywheel support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

the best part is that both teams are US-based — no more midnight chats riddled with language barriers.

simplicity: no more logging into cPanel (whatever the fuck that stands for) + having your eyes glaze over. our vitamin c hosting dashboard is easy on the eyes + even easier to use. you’ll have access to the things you need to run your business.

you can access traffic graphs + backups in a lovely dashboard with 2 clicks.

staging: have you ever wanted to test out a new plugin, theme or homepage without messing up your site? you’ll get a free “sandbox” site to play in as much as you need. make your changes live by clicking a single button, when you’re ready.

our favorite staging site perk is running updates without impacting your live site.

i’m loving my hosting. it’s fast. the site is always up.

and i don’t have to spend hours on the phone with BlueHost wondering WTF is wrong with my site.

i know you have my back.

– Michelle Mazur, Ph.D.

the 35 minute wait times with tech support based in India are far from fun. you deserve secure hosting so your website simply works. but imagine you could have a working website that loads in seconds, is safe from hackers + has a team of US-based nerds behind it…

your hosting options

hands-on hosting
  • hosting for 1 WordPress site
  • 20,000 visits per month
  • 3GB for your site content
  • SSL for your domain
  • clone of live site to play with
  • text / email alerts of issues
  • nightly backups
  • hacker-free guarantee
  • daily scans for viruses
  • WordPress updates
  • 24×7 support by Flywheel
  • discounts for additional sites
diagnostic hosting
  • hosting for 1 WordPress site
  • 25,000 visits per month
  • 4GB for your site content
  • SSL for your domain
  • clone of live site to play with
  • CDN to make your site faster
  • text / email alerts of issues
  • nightly backups
  • hacker-free guarantee
  • daily scans for viruses
  • WordPress updates
  • plugin + theme updates
  • 24×7 support by Flywheel
  • annual strategy call
  • custom traffic report
  • discounts for additional sites
sidekick hosting
  • hosting for 1 WordPress site
  • 30,000 visits per month
  • 5GB for your site content
  • SSL for your domain
  • clone of live site to play with
  • CDN to make your site faster
  • text / email alerts of issues
  • nightly backups
  • hacker-free guarantee
  • daily scans for viruses
  • WordPress updates
  • plugin + theme updates
  • 24×7 support by Flywheel
  • biannual strategy calls
  • 2 custom traffic reports
  • speed therapy performed by tiny blue orange
  • site audit
  • 10 hours of development time per year
  • discounts for additional sites

(12 month minimum)

get yourself far away from hosting companies that have security issues just to up-sell you on their services when shit goes wrong (because it will.)

do you want a site that just works? that’s our forte!

when you pick our managed WordPress hosting service, whichever tier suits your business best, your online home will be located on a server that is managed + maintained by a group of nerds. both tiny blue orange + Flywheel have your business’s back by providing daily scans for hackers, nightly backups, as well as routine WordPress updates to make sure you are running the latest + greatest version.

at tiny blue orange, we know that updates can be a pain in the ass — as well as a time suck. but those nagging notifications letting you know that an update or 17 are waiting for you can be just as annoying. the free staging site that all of our clients get gives you a space to test updates without affecting your live site + risking taking the whole thing down.

if you sign up for diagnostic hosting or sidekick hosting, we will take care of all pending updates without you needing to let us know when they are available.

alison and tiny blue orange take amazing care of me.

i love not having to worry about my sites.

they are up-to-date, speedy and protected from hackers — what’s not to love about that?

– Erika Lyremark

while plugins are great, especially when they are up-to-date, your site can ditch a few unnecessary plugins with our hosting service.

any caching, security + backup plugins can be removed as soon as your site is migrated. that’s because all of those elements are taken care of behind the scenes for you. this is great news to your CFO* because if you’re paying a subscription for any of them, you can cancel those memberships right away.

*even if the CFO is you because you wear so many hats!

speaking of all the hats we wear as business owners, you can work on your business without needing to stay logged into your site or always keeping an eye on it. you’re free to stay away because we provide site monitoring to all of our hosting clients. it’s a nerdy way of saying that your site is being scanned every 5 minutes (no joke) to make sure it’s up + running the way it should. if that changes at all, you’ll get an email or text the moment it does.

we also keep an eye on your site traffic, not to take down your site the second a post goes viral, but to celebrate your business growth as it happens. in fact, your site will never be taken down because of an influx in site visitors.

your success is our goal, as well as yours.

speaking of site visitors, your visitors will have peace of mind knowing that your site is secure because of your SSL — that s in https:// means your site is better protected than the average URL. you get a free SSL for any + all sites you host with us. (plus, google ranks sites with an SSL higher than those without one.)

how much is that peace of mind worth for you + your site visitors? all of it can be real life for you, starting at only $30 a month!

yes, “only” because you could spend less every month, but your un-hacking costs + lost business will surpass what you “saved.” in a heartbeat.

on average, we bill $525 to clear out hacked content after a site has been compromised. if Google noticed the issue, your site will be labeled with a “This site may have been hacked.” message. this notice that all potential clients will see can take up to 2 weeks to get removed after your site is cleared of all malicious files. how much business would you lose in 2 weeks? a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand?

remember that site monitoring mentioned above? you can have that service without hosting with us, but it will cost you $960 a year! not only does it help keep you ahead of hacking issues, it also reduces business losses since you can hop to getting your site back up in a jiffy. (though we have to tell you, in the few years that we’ve been hosting sites, the only time a site went down was when it needed to be moved to a new server for emergency maintenance — not because of hackers.)

the value of our hands-on hosting plan is $1,700 a year, which makes the annual cost of $360 a smart business move for you.

hosting faqs

can i host multiple sites with you?

we love helping clients manage multiple sites! once you host a single WordPress site with us, the cost for each additional site is $15/month or $25/month with updates.

do i need to wait for my current hosting contract to be up?

not at all! most hosting companies will provide a prorated refund of your contract if you cancel early. we’ll let you know when it’s safe to cancel + what you need to say to them to do so.

will my site go down when it’s moved?

nope! there will be a small window in which you can’t log into your site dashboard — while we copy the files + get them uploaded to our managed servers — but your site visitors will be able to access your site the entire time it’s being moved.

do you offer email?

this is one of the few things that tiny blue orange does not provide. but we can help set up Google Apps email accounts for your business. they are $5/month per email address.

what payment methods can i use?

our monthly payments are processed automatically through PayPal when you’re ready to move. you can pay via credit card, PayPal or your debit card.

if you’d like to pay via check, let us know + we can talk about the options.

where can i buy my domain?

if you need help securing your domain, we can do that. we recommend using Hover (this link saves you $2 on your domain), although you can use any company you’d like.

can i cancel my hosting plan with tiny blue orange early?

we doubt that you’ll want to, but should you need to cancel, the hands-on hosting + diagnostic hosting plans can be cancelled with 7 days notice.

sidekick hosting must be used for 12 months because of the services that come with it.

didn’t see your question in this list?

shoot us an email with your questions or let us know you’d like to chat about the details. we want to make sure that you are in love with vitamin c hosting before we schedule your site migration.