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Dr. Michelle Mazur

Speed without sacrifice

A picture is worth one thousand words + this communication rebel uses images beautifully to help convey her brand + message online. That doesn’t mean that she needs to put up with a slow loading website in order to have high quality images (and lots of them!)

We believe you can have your website cake + eat it too — without being naive about how to make that happen.

Over the years that Michelle has been hosting her business website with us, we have continued to speed important site pages up without changing what her site visitors see.

Speed isn’t the only thing we’re doing either! We’ve helped Michelle with major plugin updates, security + Google Analytics. Our priority is making sure her website works for her, never against her. Plus, our guarantee that if her site is ever hacked, it will be fixed for free helps Michelle ditch any stress she had about hackers.

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Here’s what she had to say about her experience...

I’m loving my hosting. It’s fast. The site is always up.

And I don’t have to spend hours on the phone with BlueHost wondering WTF is wrong with my site.

I know you have my back.

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