How secure is your WordPress website?

Do you know how safe your WordPress blog is from cruel hackers, janky servers + crappy circumstances that are outside of your control? It’s ok if you have no idea how to rate your WordPress security…yet.

Take the quiz below to not only gauge how protected you are but to also learn exactly what you can do to improve your site’s security. Once you answer the questions below, you’ll get a list of resources to help fix your specific WordPress security weaknesses.

Your email isn’t required to take the quiz or see the results. No joke — we’re always serious about security.

That’s right! No more waiting, delaying or avoiding your WordPress site’s security — take this free quiz right now. You’ve got nothing to lose… except your entire website.

WordPress security quiz

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WordPress security without the to do list

If you’re looking for a secure site without adding any tasks to your to do list, our WordPress Managed Hosting is calling your name.

Our hosting plans start at $70 a month + include security you can’t get from the other hosting providers. From daily backups to nightly scans for issues to text alerts if something isn’t right with your site, we’ll keep your site protected + you in the loop.

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