Possible blog call to actions for your readers

So many business owners don’t consider the steps that users will take as they visit a website, which means they leave possible money on the digital table. Or, sometimes worse, they give users all the options + leave them overwhelmed. Which often leads to analysis paralysis. Aka, not taking any action at all. Considering your blog call to actions can help your analytics + your income.

The trick is to give your site visitors a clear next step. Yes, one clear next step.

While this is a great thing to plan out for all of your pages + site content, let’s focus on what users can do once they read your latest blog post.

Possible blog call to actions

After reading an article or blog post, the next possible steps will vary depending on what tools you use for your business. And these options don’t apply just to written content — these steps work for videos, podcasts + other forms of published content.


Once a reader gets to the end of your content, you could give them a chance to “opt-in” to get your content delivered right to their inbox. This way you have their email + can market to them in time.


You might want visitors to email you directly via your contact form after reading a specific blog post about your latest offering. This could start the process of pitching your services to them directly via email.

Read Something Similar

If you create content with a similar topic, you could direct users to learn even more about that topic. Linking them to related posts is a great way to keep them on your site + show off what you know.

Share to Social Media

To get your content in front of more users, you might ask your site visitors to share what they just read on their social media accounts. That way, you get in front of their friends + followers with valuable content.

Leave a Comment

To start a discussion with your audience, you might suggest they leave a comment, answer a question related to the post or ask a question which can give you ideas for future content creation. Many comment tools can request an email address or social platform handle which gives you a way to connect with users outside of your site.

Follow on Social Media

Similar to opting in, but less direct, you can ask the reader to follow you on your favorite social media platform. When they do, they will see more content from you + possibly engage with your posts outside of your website. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed behavior.

Pick one, not some

After reading through those 6 options, which one stood out to you? The one that your gut liked, is likely the one that would be best for your business. If you really want readers to opt-in, but you don’t have a mailing list setup yet, you’ll have to do some work.

In the meantime, you could route users to your contact form so that you have their contact information while working behind the scenes on your email list. Or have them leave a comment until you’re ready to collect their contact information.

Remember, you do not have to use the same choice for all of your blog posts.

You could have some posts where you route users to a specific opt-in form relating to that topic, and other blog posts could route users to your Instagram account where you share similar content on your IGTV channel every week. This requires a bit of fancy footwork on your site’s part, but it is very possible.

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