Time to Upgrade

Take a look at your surroundings right now. Are there any things in your control that are more than lackluster?

If you are holding your iPhone, is the case more representative of your fear of dropping it or does it get constant compliments AND keep your device safe?

For my lovelies on their laptops, is your screen spotlessly clean + void of all fingerprints + drool spots from that Ryan Gosling Pinterest binge you went on last week?

Sitting at your desk? Does it look like bills + paperwork are your office accessory of choice?

Seriously, are you treating yourself the way you should?

Presently, I’m not, and it’s time to change that. As much as I am a sucker for sentiment, using the Wal-Mart desk chair my mother bought me 11 years ago is not ok. Since I’m a sucker for brands {just ask my even nerdier-than-I boyfriend}, my plan is to pick out a Herman Miller chair like this one.

That’s a pretty spendy item, but I can also wipe down my computer screens, dust the bookcase + clean Brutus’s drool from the windowsill next to my desk for FREE!

While you may not be able to purchase the house of your dreams that has a master closet the size of your current bedroom filled with the clothes you currently pin + don’t even dare check to see the price of, you can still upgrade things that will make a difference in how you feel.

I’m going to be working on manifesting that sexy blue chair, spending 5 minutes every day cleaning the notes off of my desk before shutting down my computer, + straightening the covers when I get out of bed every morning. After those habits have become routine, I’ll find a few more things that are easy to do + also improve my life.

How are you going to upgrade your life? Find me on twitter or Facebook + tell me at least one thing that you will work on today. That’s right, I expect immediate action because I know you can + you should. 

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