Getting hacked fucking sucks

If your WordPress website has been hacked, you’re in the right place. Our SOS Support service isn’t just a great use of alliteration, it’s a resource that dozens of businesses have used to get out of the situation you’re in currently.

We’ll keep this short + sweet because the clock is ticking…

Your hacked WordPress site is costing you clients — and that’s shitty. The faster you get your site unhacked, the faster you can get back to making money. (Plus, a speedy recovery will help you limit the damage to your reputation.)

For $500, we’ll dive in + provide details about what’s been done, what’s required to fix it + how to prevent it from happening again within the next 36 hours.

The findings report you’ll get is a detailed breakdown about what happened to your precious website + how much time we would need to repair the damage.

If you hire us to make those repairs for $150/hour, not only will we clean up your site, you’ll also get a full backup of your unhacked WordPress site + we will tell Google that your domain is virus free — which will keep you from getting blacklisted from future searches. Otherwise, you can take the report + have someone else use it as directions to clean up your site.

Our goal is to get you out of this mess as quickly as possible, but also keep you from dealing with it more than once. If your site was broken into by one hacker, that means it can happen again. Which is why we also give details for how to secure your WordPress site in our findings report.

So you know, we cannot guarantee file recovery if you do not have backups of your site.

While we have a lot of experience removing viruses + malware from WordPress sites, we don’t have the magical superpowers required to bring deleted content back from the abyss. If the hackers that broke into your site deleted content + your host doesn’t back stuff up — you could be shit out of luck.

(We’re not here to rub your nose in it, but you oughta know that we provide daily backups to all of our hosting clients.)

Not having a working site blows.
Let’s get your business back in business, ASAP.

To send an SOS signal, fill out this form + pay the $500 fee. We’ll get an urgent alert + be in touch shortly.

  • Where do you log into your WordPress dashboard? It’s ok if it’s not working because of the hacking issue.
  • Where do you log into your hosting account? We’ll use this to access the core site files + backups (if available).
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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