Ways to incorporate a quiz into your site

  • Looking for a fun way to add content to your site?
  • Want a way to give potential clients a taste of your amazing knowledge?
  • Ready to segment offerings but want it to be easy for clients to pick one?

One way to accomplish one or all of these things is by adding an interactive quiz to your WordPress website. And it doesn’t have to be a “quiz” per se, but I’ll be using that term to cover similar elements like polls, surveys, assessments, etc.

New way to add content

Adding a quiz to your site stands out from the rest of your content because it is interactive instead of text +/or video. By giving visitors questions to think about but also buttons, checkboxes + form fields, you are engaging with them differently than just writing content for them to read or videos for them to watch.
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It can be as simple as adding a handful of questions with a submit button at the end or you can add some elements that incorporate grading/ranking, details that appear based on answers the user gave or a custom thank you message that shows when they are done. No matter what type of quiz I’m building, I like using GravityForms because those features are included.

An example of this is the quiz that I created for The Talent Catalyst {designed by Helene Scott}. It gets site users thinking about workforce engagement level, which is what Mala helps improve through her work.

Share your knowledge

Do you have a lot of blog posts about a particular subject? Why not develop a quiz around that information so that your site visitors + potential clients can access it based on what they need to know the most?
If you write posts about improving your site design, an example of a quiz to share that content could help users determine which area of their site needs the most work – the header, footer, sidebar, blog posts, sign-up boxes, etc.
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I like to practice what I preach, so I created a security quiz that helps WordPress site owners find the weak points of their site + know exactly what they need to do to fix it.

Which offering to pick

Having 2-5 package levels is pretty common for service-based clients. Whether they range in time length, services provided or promised results, if the packages are similar your site visitors may be confused about which option is best for them.
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Setting up a quiz that asks them a few questions to better determine which would be the better fit is going to help them but also help you from answering the same questions as they email you to get clarity. The best way to set up the quiz results would be to have the results be conditional, which means result A displays if they gave one type of answer, result B if they gave a second type of answer, etc.

While the assessment I built for Riverbend Coaching doesn’t guide you directly to a specific offering, it does help the user understand which of the 3 main areas of the process they need the most help with.

There are tons of ways to add these quizzes to a WordPress site. Although I mentioned what I typically use, this post wasn’t a tutorial. If you are interested in a step-by-step breakdown of setting one up, leave a comment below or tweet at me.

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