Add custom PayPal buttons to WordPress

There are 2 ways to add links on a WordPress site — with text or with images. The same is true for adding a link directly to PayPal. It doesn’t matter if you’re linking to a one-time purchase or a subscription payment setup, you can still customize the appearance of the link itself. Image Link […]

The 5 plugins your site does not need

I already shared my favorite plugins for the average WordPress site, but now it’s time to cover the other end of the spectrum — plugins that folks have installed when they really don’t need them. Whether it’s because it’s slowing your site down without you knowing, adding way more code than necessary or doing more […]

my 5 favorite WordPress plugins

every website has different needs + a different purpose, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few plugins that i recommend for almost every site built on WordPress. open your current plugin list + see if you have any of these favorites already in place. if not, check them out! full disclosure — i often […]

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