Check Your Links

A couple weeks ago, I launched a site facelift for a client. After I coded the site, another member of the team imported blog posts + added team member bios. One of those blog posts had a broken link that wasn’t discovered until launch day. It had been broken on their old design for at […]

Add search to your WordPress website

Have you ever stumbled upon a new business or site that seems like it might change your life? When I was training for a marathon last year, I found Jane on Instagram + quickly worked my way through the mountain of blog posts she had available to endurance runners like me. Some of our site […]

How to fix a broken WordPress plugin

Keep this post open when you’re running updates because that’s the most common time for WordPress plugins to break. Whether it’s a slow server or tackling too many plugin updates at the same time, sometimes the update process times out (stalls) + files don’t fully load. When that happens, plugins don’t work as expected. That’s […]

The hidden cost of WordPress plugins

What so many bloggers + website owners don’t realize is that their plugins might be costing them customers. That information can be more valuable than the up front cost of the WordPress plugins you choose to use. What’s the harm with adding plugins? I’m not even talking about the heated debates that most website owners […]

Create a unique image for Facebook

When you — or someone that reads your content — share a link to your site on social media, your Featured Image is the default image pulled as the preview. For some, that’s perfect. However, there are times that you’d want a different layout or graphic for social media compared to the image displays directly […]

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