The 5 plugins your site does not need

I already shared my favorite plugins for the average WordPress site, but now it’s time to cover the other end of the spectrum — plugins that folks have installed when they really don’t need them. Whether it’s because it’s slowing your site down without you knowing, adding way more code than necessary or doing more […]

My 5 favorite WordPress plugins

Every website has different needs + a different purpose, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few plugins that I recommend for almost every site built on WordPress. Open your current plugin list + see if you have any of these favorites already in place. if not, check them out! Full disclosure — I often […]

The two best ways to embed opt-in code

What the heck am I even talking about when I say “embed opt-in code”? This means taking the signup form for your newsletter/mailing list + placing it directly onto a page or post. That way, you get folks to sign up right from your website. It’s super smart for one big reason — it gets […]

Easily embed audio onto WordPress

There are 2 ways that any podcaster or site owner can add audio to their site — with an mp3 file link or through SoundCloud. The difference between the 2 has a lot to do with the size of the file. But also if you’re going to embed audio onto WordPress a lot versus once […]

Adding social media feeds the right way

This isn’t about adding social sharing buttons to your blog posts. If you want to do that, check out how to add branded social sharing icons to your site. This post is all about embedding your social media feeds + content directly into your WordPress website. This post covers options the 4 most popular social […]

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