Embed Calendly on any WordPress page

I’ll be honest, before I thought to embed Calendly on my site, I did the email dance more than I’d like to admit. It goes like this…. Handfuls of emails between grown-ass adults who are trying to nail down a date, time + spot for their upcoming meeting. It’s laughable when you think about it, […]

The best way to embed video into WordPress

There are a handful of ways you can embed video into WordPress. In fact, they made it even easier with Gutenberg. But before I dig into how you add videos to your site, I want to first touch base on an important topic — where you store your videos. There are a few great resources for […]

WordPress themes are not collectibles

I’m a bit of a collector. Growing up I had a stamp, rock, bracelet + beanie baby collection. As a teenager my biggest collection was my kangaroo shoes — the ones with the pockets — I had 21 different pairs at my craziest proudest moment. So when you keep hoarding your WordPress themes like they’re […]

Are plugins costing you customers?

What’s the harm with adding plugins? I’m not even talking about the heated debates that most website owners get into on social groups… “The second I see a pop-up, I close the site and never come back” “Why is everyone removing comments from their blog?! I won’t come back if I can’t ask questions” “Does […]

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