Stop doing this to WordPress → is your press page done?

Before I dive into things I hate seeing in WordPress, I wanted to know if you’ve created your press page yet? I asked back in April + noted that I also didn’t have one of these pages. Holding up my end of the bargain, here’s my in-progress press page. It’s not my favorite site page, but it’s now painfully easy for me to point folks to a spot where they can grab a photo, bio, or reminder of how to spell my name.

Speaking of being “in-progress,” I really hate when folks take a set it + forget it approach to WordPress.

Can your site be heavily planned + tested so that when it’s built, it’s successful in converting visitors? Absolutely. Does that mean you wouldn’t benefit from taking a look at things a few months later to see where improvements can be made? We can always improve our websites.

This also factors in with setting a launch date for a new site. So many business owners obsess over making the site perfect, which ultimately delays the go-live process. How many conversions are you getting from no site? If you’re redoing a site, there’s likely a reason why that relates back to poor performance or issues for your business. Why would you delay that in an effort to rewrite copy for the fifth time? I know, it’s a rhetorical question.

I’ve labeled websites as “living, breathing things” which might feel a little creepy. My reasoning is to show clients that they can’t be ignored, but they also aren’t set in stone. Put something up + try it. Track how it converts. Make the necessary changes.

In the last 2 weeks, here are some things that I’ve helped clients with:

  • editing text + adding maps to a site that needs more local traffic
  • connecting an ecommerce platform to a dropship provider so my client didn’t need to ship orders directly
  • created a “funnel page” template so my client could stop paying for LeadPages + use their site instead
  • adding more portfolio projects to showcase their work
  • changing the layout of key information on a sales page to better match what users get with the program my client is offering (because their program also evolved as time went on!)

Notice how none of those were (re)building a website? That’s because my clients have sites that can grow + evolve with them. It’s honestly one of the reasons that I only work with WordPress… it’s a really flexible platform. And your business deserves that.

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