WordPress shortcuts that you want to know

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of automation + time-saving techniques. (This post, this post + this post are evidence.) Which is why I also love using keyboard + WordPress shortcuts as much as humanly possible. Time is money, so saving time makes me a happy camper. Before I get too geeky about the topic, let’s start with a […]

Configure + secure WordPress after installation

Are you ready to make your site faster + less enticing for hackers? The great news is that it’s pretty easy to secure WordPress after installing it. While these steps are not required to use WordPress, they will help you avoid some shitty situations or needing us to unhack your site. This post is the […]

Prep your hosting account for WordPress

To set up your own WordPress website, you only need 2 things — a domain + a hosting account. Once you have those things, you’ll need to prep your hosting account for a secure version of WordPress. Then it’s time to get your online business up + running. This post is the second part of a series […]

How to get started with WordPress

When it’s time to dig into creating your WordPress site, you’ll need 3 things — a domain, a hosting account + a database. I know they all sound nerdy, cause they are. But once you know what steps to follow, it only takes a few minutes of work to get started with WordPress. This post […]

You don’t hate WordPress, you hate this

If you’ve found yourself swearing at WordPress, you’re not alone. Setting up, updating and maintaining your own website can be headache-inducing — no matter what platform you’ve picked. And after working with this platform for over a decade, I realized that people don’t actually hate WordPress. They hate what has cropped up because of its […]

WordPress, it’s not just for bloggers

On one of the first iterations of their website, WordPress labeled itself as a “personal publishing platform.” I love a good use of alliteration, but it seems like that’s simply a fancy way of saying “it’s for bloggers,” right? Which is probably why so many people think that non-bloggers shouldn’t use WordPress.  It’s been around […]

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