You don’t hate WordPress, you hate this

If you’ve found yourself swearing at WordPress, you’re not alone. Setting up, updating and maintaining your own website can be headache-inducing — no matter what platform you’ve picked. And after working with this platform for over a decade, I realized that people don’t actually hate WordPress. They hate what has cropped up because of its […]

WordPress, it’s not just for bloggers

On one of the first iterations of their website, WordPress labeled itself as a “personal publishing platform.” I love a good use of alliteration, but it seems like that’s simply a fancy way of saying “it’s for bloggers,” right? Which is probably why so many people think that non-bloggers shouldn’t use WordPress.  It’s been around […]

The only requirements to using WordPress

There’s loads of information available about what’s required to run WordPress. But how do you know which info is right for you? Start with the basics. It’s too easy to get caught up in shiny object syndrome + decision overwhelm. I know, I’ve been there. Which is why I wrote this guide of the only […]

WordPress 5.2

The latest version of WordPress is being released this week + features some pretty cool new features. In fact, you might be able to ditch some of your plugins after getting your site updated to 5.2. Don’t worry, none of these changes are as drastic as Gutenberg. Block Editor Upgrades Speaking of, the change to […]

Setting up WordPress

Before you install WordPress, check the following things off of your checklist. Do you have a domain name Do you have a hosting account Do you have the latest version of WordPress (download here) Do you have the database settings for your new site Prep the files Once you’ve downloaded the WordPress files, double click […] vs

If you don’t know what WordPress even is, start by reading this breakdown of the tool before digging into the nuances of the 2 sources that you can get WordPress from. Once you understand the open source CMS tool, the next thing you’ll want to understand is the difference between + Spoiler alert: […]

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