Add Google Analytics 4 to WordPress

If you’re a Google Analytics user, you’ve probably been hearing about GA4 or seen some emails from Google warning you that it’s time to switch. In fact, they are going to scrap the old version of GA in July of 2023. Which might leave you wondering how do you add Google Analytics 4 to WordPress? […]

Know your numbers: % exit rate

This post is all about reviewing your % exit rate on your Google Analytics dashboard. If you don’t have GA installed already, get your free account set up + running. Then after 24 hours, you’ll have some data to look at to learn what website pages are enticing folks to leave. WTF is Exit Rate […]

Reduce bounce rate with good design

There are many ways to get your site to perform better with your audience. One of the ways that you can reduce bounce rate — aka keep your audience engaged — is with good design on your site. But if you’re not using Google Analytics yet, start with one of these three options + add […]

Search Console tips for WordPress

Once your WordPress site is connected to Search Console (a free service provided by Google), you can start making improvements to your website for better performance. Here are a couple of my favorite Search Console tips. User Queries If you use Google Analytics, you know that the search query details can be a little frustrating. […]

Improve your links for SEO

My biggest advice for improving your site’s SEO is always to do what’s good for your site visitors. Basics like making things easy to read with headings, giving your images alt tags for anyone using a screen reader + keeping your site secure with an SSL are great places to start. If you’re ready for […]

3 easy ways to improve your Google ranking

Secure your site with an SSL One of the best things you can do for your WordPress website is to snag an SSL for your domain. Not only does it improve your Google ranking, but it improves your site’s security. We provide SSLs to all of our hosting clients for free, because we know how […]

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