WordPress hosting company

Let’s be honest, sometimes putting in the work is asking too much of a business owner. We have too many tasks to complete, a few fires to put out + not enough hours in the day. This is where picking the right WordPress hosting company can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

How we can help as your WordPress hosting company

As a managed WordPress hosting provider, we offer the following services for each + every client that hosts with us.

  • Nightly backups (done automatically)
  • Daily scans for malware or viruses (also done automatically)
  • WordPress plugin updates taken care of for you
  • SSL for your domain so that your site is encrypted + secure
  • 24×7 support provided by a US-based support team
  • A guarantee that if your site is hacked, it will be fixed FOR FREE

And we only charge $70 a month for all of that + more.

So if you’ve ever gotten frustrated during a “support” chat conversation, this is for you. Or if you’ve run a plugin update that took your site down, this is for you. If your hourly rate is $70, we can spare you at least 1 hour of work a month by taking care of these things on your behalf.

Is your hosting company not on your side? Send us a note + we’ll schedule your migration to a much better host. Otherwise you’ll want to check out Flywheel. (affiliate link)

Some quick homework for you

Your security task for today is to learn what security measures your WordPress hosting company provides, if any. The best place to find their security measures is by going to their pricing page where most hosting companies will list all features + services.

With that list of services, decide if you want to move to a host that cares about your business growth + security.

Once you’ve weighed the pros + cons, meet me over on Instagram or head to the contact page + let’s talk. We’ve been hosting small business sites, shops + blogs for over 7 years now.

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