usernames – the good, the bad + the ugly

the good

i see so many usernames that are good, but could be better.

some concepts that should be replaced are simple to guess options like your business name or your first name. for example, i wouldn’t use tinyblueorange or alison as a username. these are easy enough for someone to guess. and i hate making things easier for hackers. making it harder for them is actually what i do for fun.

the bad

if your username is admin — or any variation of that — it is essential that you change your username asap. not only are you making it so much easier for hackers to break into your site, you are putting your business investment + client relations at risk.

the ugly

are you ready to make hacking your login screen close to impossible? you might be surprised to find out that the best way is to make your WordPress username ugly. like seriously ugly. fugly even.

before you scream at your screen “how do you make a username ugly” we need to cover what options you have for creating a username. did you know that you aren’t limited to just letters + numbers? they aren’t used very often, but you can use any or all of these things in your username

  • letters
  • numbers
  • @
  • . (that tiny speck is a period, fyi)
  • _
  •   (yes, you can actually use a space in your username)

while you have tons of character options, remember that usernames are not case sensitive. so you aren’t upping your security game by changing admin to aDMIn.

some ugly options might be your personal email address, your full name with spaces, your favorite song title or your birthday with a full month and date — June 10th.

how to change your username

if your account username falls into the bad, or even the good category, you should schedule time to change out your username next week. not sure of the steps? this tutorial post breaks it down step-by-step.

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