Own Your Domain

Your domain name is a vital part of your brand’s identity. It’s used by customers + potential customers when they visit your WordPress website. The domain name is often how they’ll remember your business + share it with others. A domain name typically costs less than $20 per year, + this link will save you […]

What to do with spam WordPress users

This post will cover what to do with spam WordPress users, but also users that you simply don’t recognize. Most of the time they are junk accounts that were made due to a security vulnerability. However, there are a few instances where those accounts aren’t bad news for your business. Here’s what to do with […]

WordPress hosting company

Let’s be honest, sometimes putting in the work is asking too much of a business owner. We have too many tasks to complete, a few fires to put out + not enough hours in the day. This is where picking the right WordPress hosting company can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. How we […]

Add Two-Factor Authentication to your WordPress site

Whether you’ve heard horror stories of websites getting hacked, or you’re simply looking to step up your online security, this option is one of the easiest. When you add two-factor authentication to WordPress, it makes the simple login screen much harder to break into. And that means one less spot for folks to gain access […]

How to remove WordPress users

There are a handful of reasons you’d want to (or need to) remove WordPress users from your site. Unfortunately, at tiny blue orange, we’ve been asked to fix issues after a user was improperly removed …or not removed in time. Why not skip that annoyance for your business? Scan your user list, for security So […]

How to avoid memorizing passwords

Passwords do not have to be heckin complicated! Using a free Password Manager, you can protect your online identity. You can also save yourself the trouble of memorizing passwords for the rest of your life. Introducing Heckin Passwords This completely free resource will walk you through the essentials of using a Password Manager. You’ll learn […]

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