SSL 101

WTF is SSL anyway? In geek speak, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. My guess is that did absolutely nothing to help you understand what SSL is + why you need it, right? In less geekier terms, SSL protects sensitive data that is going from one system to another. SSL prevents hackers from seeing or […]

How to fix your hacked WordPress site

If you’re not sure if you’ve been hacked, read through this post to see if your site has indeed been compromised. Change all of your passwords It is mission critical that you change your passwords after discovering your site has been compromised. Why? It will stop the culprit from doing even more damage + ensure […]

signs that your site has been hacked

What users see If your WordPress site looks like it’s supposed to at a quick glance, you might assume that everything is fine. But hackers don’t always look to take down sites — more often than not, they look for sites to do their dirty work for them. This is especially true of smaller sites […]

How much it costs to be hacked

Replace or repair cost: starting at $300 but could go over $10,000 If your site or your entire server gets hacked, there are two possible outcomes — replace or repair. Replace can mean two different things, however. It can mean replacing the hacked site with a backup, but if you don’t have a security plan […]

New user registration emails

Without looking at added bells + whistles, WordPress isn’t much for sending emails. But there are a few notices you’ll get when you set up your site that I wanted to go over this month. We’ll start with the most important one — a new user account.

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