3 things to do whenever you log into WordPress

Whether you’re the type of blogger who works in your site daily or once a month, there are a few things that are worth doing every time you log into WordPress. These 3 things will take about 5 minutes to do, in total. And could save you cashola… and make you some cash too!

Check your users list

A common form of WordPress hacking includes creating a new admin user on the site being targeted. That means hackers have access without knowing or changing your login details. Many site owners don’t even know this has happened.

An easy way to see if your site is safe is by heading to Users > All Users. From there, check for names that aren’t familiar. If your site has a lot of users, tap “Administrators” at the top to review those with the highest level of access.

If anyone looks suspicious, it’s time to ditch those spam WordPress users from your site.

Review your contact form entries

I love WordPress. I sing it’s praises as often as I can. And yet, it’s still not foolproof. Things happen + that’s why I would hop over to your contact form entries to make sure those messages are landing where they should.

Whether you use Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7, or another plugin, compare your list of emails to the list of entries on the site. If you see any discrepancies, start by emailing that contact. Then look for reasons why their email didn’t land in your inbox. That could be a mistyped email address, a yahoo or hotmail email address, or a pending plugin update.

This task is the most time consuming based on how frequently you log in + how many messages you get. That said, it’ll still take less than 5 minutes to do. And it could make you some money that might have gotten lost in the world wide web otherwise.

Log out after you log into WordPress

No, I’m not saying to log out immediately after you log into WordPress. Rather, when you are done, make sure to log out of your session.

Why? It’s a great habit to get into. Especially if you log into your site on public computers — at the library, the Apple store, school, etc. It also keeps your session from the hands of kiddos who have access to your computer, animals, or the paranormal. I may be slightly kidding. But I think we’ve all had at least 1 weird tech gremlin happen while editing a page or post.

Do what you need to do in WordPress + then log back out. If you hate logging in because you hate remembering your password, you should check out Heckin Passwords.

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