WordPress privacy policy resources

While I’m not a lawyer + this is not legal advice, it is important to have some legal content on your WordPress website. Since I’m guessing you’re not a lawyer either, you might be wondering what resources exist for helping you to draft your WordPress privacy policy. Thankfully there are plenty + they range in price starting at free to a monthly fee.

WordPress Privacy Policy

There are a few types of legal pages that site owners can consider. The privacy policy is what I label as essential. From there, you can consider Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer, and a Return Policy if you have an ecommerce WordPress site.

The WordPress privacy policy covers the how + the why around the information you collect from your site users. And if you think you’re not collecting information, I invite you to consider these 3 questions:

  1. Do you have a contact form or opt-in on your site?
  2. Do you have plugins installed that display pop-ups, show / hide content if a user is logged in, or an affiliate program?
  3. Do you use Facebook pixels with advertisements?

Those are all examples of information being collected on your site. And it’s not just limited to those questions only.

Legal resources for WordPress

This is a short list + does not include all of the options in the world. It does cover the ones that I’ve used + seen in use with the most ease.


Did you know that out of the box, WordPress provides a partially filled in privacy policy page? Head to Pages in your dashboard + search for it. It may be in your trash. And if that’s not the answer, check out this WordPress Privacy Policy example.

While it’s not complete, you can use the headings + prompts on this page to add in your site specific details. It does require a bit of DIY, but it’s also free.

Termly or Getterms

These two sites provide more than just content for your WordPress privacy policy. They have templates available for all types of legal pages you might want on your site. Termly does have a free plan if you’d like to try it out. The same is true for getterms. You can start with the privacy policy for free. If you want more templates, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee.

I’m not an affiliate for either service.

A Real Life Lawyer

Not into the idea of building out your own templates? Me either. That’s where a lawyer can come in + draft these documents for you. They will ask questions about your site as they need this info to include the right details.

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