How to add a new user to WordPress

Adding a new user to WordPress is so easy, this site didn’t cover the steps to do it until right now. (Whoops.) Truly, it’s a really simple process + worth doing to make sure you’re not sharing passwords. Speaking of, there are a few tips + tricks for creating this new account securely to keep […]

Switch from Classic Editor to Gutenberg

Are you ready to make the switch from Classic Editor to Gutenberg within WordPress? The good news is that you can do it in phases — because WordPress was smart enough to include a Gutenberg Block specifically for that old style of content. Step 1: remove the Classic Editor plugin When WordPress first announced Gutenberg, […]

WordPress trackbacks + pingbacks

As a WordPress developer for small businesses, I sometimes forget what this free tool was built for originally… blogging. Which means there are often functions + features that don’t get as much attention if they aren’t being used. In fact, some of these features — WordPress trackbacks and pingbacks — may be disappearing from the […]

SEO-Friendly WordPress Permalinks

Whether your site is brand new or pre-2000s, it’s important that you double check your WordPress permalinks settings. And that you know what the heck they even are. What the heck are WordPress permalinks? In geek speak, WordPress permalinks are links to a specific website page or blog post. You might say that a permalink […]

Customize your WordPress dashboard

Many users skip customizing their WordPress dashboard because it’s not clear that it’s customizable. But really, the hardest part of this entire process is deciding which boxes are most important to you. Other than that, it’s as easy as clicking checkboxes, click-and-dragging your mouse + clicking a link or button. The default WordPress dashboard When […]

The 3 types of WordPress privacy

When talking about privacy in WordPress, there are 3 areas that you might be chatting about — privacy policy pages, private pages + search engine visibility. Learn the differences + which one of them you truly need on your site. WordPress Privacy Pages I’m going to kick this section off by reminding you that I […]

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