SEO-Friendly WordPress Permalinks

Whether your site is brand new or pre-2000s, it’s important that you double check your WordPress permalinks settings. And that you know what the heck they even are. What the heck are WordPress permalinks? In geek speak, WordPress permalinks are links to a specific website page or blog post. You might say that a permalink […]

Customize your WordPress dashboard

Many users skip customizing their WordPress dashboard because it’s not clear that it’s customizable. But really, the hardest part of this entire process is deciding which boxes are most important to you. Other than that, it’s as easy as clicking checkboxes, click-and-dragging your mouse + clicking a link or button. The default WordPress dashboard When […]

The 3 types of WordPress privacy

When talking about privacy in WordPress, there are 3 areas that you might be chatting about — privacy policy pages, private pages + search engine visibility. Learn the differences + which one of them you truly need on your site. WordPress Privacy Pages I’m going to kick this section off by reminding you that I […]

Installing WordPress on your hosting account

In order to install WordPress on your shared hosting account, you’ll need to have your domain name connected to your account + a new database created. After that, you’re a few minutes away from a brand new WordPress website! This post is the third part of a series in setting up your own WordPress website, […]

Your guide to ditching spam comments

Many bloggers + website owners have a hard time deciding whether they want to allow comments or not. For many, the struggle with managing spam comments makes it not worth it. If that’s the only thing holding you back from having comments on your site — let this post guide you through getting rid of […]

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