Changing your email address

Whether out of security or not, newer versions of WordPress have made the task of changing your account email address a little more cumbersome.To be honest, I’m ok with it. Because it is a step towards keeping things more secure. In the past, you could go to your profile, change the email address listed, save […]

How to update your WordPress site

In the video, I referenced a few elements that you can dig into in more detail with the articles below. WordPress backup plugin options Why you need a staging site Written instructions for running your updates tiny blue orange WordPress hosting

Using the featured image setting to your advantage

All WordPress pages + posts have an element in the editor called Featured Image. It’s located in the right sidebar, typically near the bottom. (Though this can change depending on what plugins you are using.) Social media sharing The biggest reason that I recommend site owners use this function is because it is what most […]

Quickly create a homepage for your WordPress website

Jargon breakdown First things first, let’s break down the WordPress + website lingo before we dig into strategy for your online business. All sites have a home page, which is your primary domain name with nothing after the .com or .net or whatever ending you have. So in my case, my homepage is By […]

5 things I really wish I knew before starting my blog

I’ve been blogging for quite some time now, which means I’ve learned more than a few lessons along the way. And like most things in business, after learning a hard lesson or six, I find myself wishing I could get a “redo” + start with the newly acquired knowledge instead. Technically, this blog started on […]

Using WordPress user roles the right way

We’ve talked about why the default admin account is bad news bears for your WordPress site. Now it’s time to get a tiny bit more nerdy with your site’s user account settings. Specifically, with WordPress user roles + how you can make the most of them. Out of the box, WordPress has 5 different user roles […]

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