Take advantage of the WordPress menu editor

Whether you use WordPress for a blog or business, making the most out of the WordPress menu editor is in your best interest. We’ve helped build hundreds of sites — with only one wedding website omitting a menu entirely. This menu editor video tutorial will walk you through a number of ways that you can use this drag + drop section of WordPress.

There’s a lot to cover, which is why this video is 11 minutes long. You might not need to know all of these details, and that’s ok. Watching the tutorial might spark some ideas when you learn what is possible. The biggest thing to keep in mind is — you won’t break it! The changes you made won’t apply to your site unless you click the “Save Menu” button. And if you find yourself adding a link you didn’t want, simply remove it + try again.

A pointer that we give clients is to create multiple menus. That way you can set the location when you’re ready to use that particular menu on your live site + hide it when you’re not.

A few of the things covered include:

  • Adding pages, blog posts + categories
  • Adding links to external sites
  • Rearranging items in the WordPress menu editor
  • Changing the link text in your menu
  • Opening menu links in a new tab
  • Setting custom styles for each menu item
  • Adding a link description
  • Creating sub-menus
  • Setting your menu location on your site

Now you can completely revamp your menu (or menus) in a matter of minutes! Is there a specific link label that you want to tweak or a new page you need to add? Get to it!

Ready to level up? Learn how to add an image to your menu + why you’d even want to. Spoiler: this is great for adding your brand logo to your menu.

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