Changing your WordPress email address

Newer versions of WordPress have made updating your info a tiny bit more cumbersome. Thankfully it’s still pretty simple to tackle changing your WordPress email address. The developers simply added an extra step.

To be honest, I’m ok with it. Because it is a step towards keeping things more secure.

In the past, you could go to your profile, change the email address listed, save your changes + then go about your day. With an updated WordPress website, that’s not the case.

After changing your WordPress email address + saving the changes in the dashboard, you have one more step. That’s because you’ll receive an email at the new address with the subject “[site name] New Email Address.” Within that email is a link you must click to verify the change.

How does this extra step help security?

If you’re thinking “Alison, how does the new email address getting an alert help with security?” I’m stoked you thought about that! And you’d be correct, this email doesn’t do shit for security.

Changing your WordPress email address triggers a second email.

After you click the verification email link, the original email address tied to your account gets an alert about the change.

I don’t love an email being sent after the change happens. However, it keeps you in the loop if your account is hacked + your email address changed without your permission. This will give you the chance to log in with a second admin account + kick the hacker to the curb. Or you can have your hosting company reset the password via the server.

Don’t panic about getting emails every time one of your course members updates their profile. Not every user type triggers these emails either, they apply to administrator accounts only.

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