How to add a new user to WordPress

Adding a new user to WordPress is so easy, this site didn’t cover the steps to do it until right now. (Whoops.) Truly, it’s a really simple process + worth doing to make sure you’re not sharing passwords. Speaking of, there are a few tips + tricks for creating this new account securely to keep your business + your site safe from crappy circumstances.

Steps to add a new user to WordPress

When you’re ready to create a new user account for someone on your team or an independent contractor that you’re working with, it’s pretty simple. Most importantly, you’ll need to have a good (aka unique) username picked out. A secure password is important, but you don’t need to know what their password is (see step #8).

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard + head to Users > Add New.
  2. Enter in the username that you picked + email address, the only 2 required fields. And yes, those 2 fields can be the same thing if you’d like.
  3. Optional: fill out the first name, last name, + website fields — adding in any of the name information gives you the ability to display this user’s name instead of their username on the site. Hiding username info is great for security.
  4. I leave the password as the secure option that WordPress sets. But mostly because of what you’re gonna do for step #8.
  5. You can leave the “Send User Notification” box checked as it will send the user an email with the login URL for your site.
  6. Set the new user role to something appropriate for their needs on your team. Learn about WordPress user roles before deciding.
  7. Click the Add New User button to save your changes + add your user to the site. Confirm they’ve been added by visiting Users > All Users.
  8. Now email the person you created the account for with their new username. Then tell them to use the “forgot password” link on the login page. That will force them to reset a password that you don’t know + they won’t share with anyone else. Security for the win!

Ready to remove WordPress users?

And if you need to know how to remove WordPress users, there is a right way to do it. It’s time to remove this new user after your contract is up or once they are done doing the work you hired them to do. As long as you don’t accidentally delete the work they did, it’s easy to remove accounts you no longer need.

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