How to fix a broken WordPress plugin

Keep this post open when you’re running updates because that’s the most common time for WordPress plugins to break. Whether it’s a slow server or tackling too many plugin updates at the same time, sometimes the update process times out (stalls) + files don’t fully load. When that happens, plugins don’t work as expected. That’s […]

The hidden cost of WordPress plugins

What so many bloggers + website owners don’t realize is that their plugins might be costing them customers. That information can be more valuable than the up front cost of the WordPress plugins you choose to use. What’s the harm with adding plugins? I’m not even talking about the heated debates that most website owners […]

Check that you have these 404 page essentials

It doesn’t matter whether you have a funny, simple, or extensive error page on your site. Ditching these 404 page essentials could leave your site visitors so frustrated that they leave your site behind. That’s because a 404 page isn’t something you want visitors to land on. Usually they find it due to a dead […]

What to do with spam WordPress users

This post will cover what to do with spam WordPress users, but also users that you simply don’t recognize. Most of the time they are junk accounts that were made due to a security vulnerability. However, there are a few instances where those accounts aren’t bad news for your business. Here’s what to do with […]

Signs it’s time to upgrade WordPress hosting

There are plenty of reasons why it might be time for you to switch WordPress hosting companies, but what about upgrading? Sometimes these might be the same thing — you could upgrade WordPress hosting as you move to a new host. But there are times where WordPress users simply need more as their site grows. […]

Is the WordPress Gutenberg builder right for you?

WordPress released Gutenberg in 2020… So by now a lot of site owners + bloggers are wondering if the WordPress Gutenberg builder is right for them. While there’s no one perfect website solution for everyone using WP, there are some questions you can ask yourself before you dive into planning your next site design or […]

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