Signs of a good WordPress theme: documentation

There are so many theme options in the world, from custom to customizable to plug + play. But what makes any of them a good WordPress theme? It depends… on your needs + goals. However, everyone using WordPress for their website would benefit from having help along the way. And that help can come in […]

WordPress hosting company

Let’s be honest, sometimes putting in the work is asking too much of a business owner. We have too many tasks to complete, a few fires to put out + not enough hours in the day. This is where picking the right WordPress hosting company can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. How we […]

Are you ready for WordPress 6.0?

Starting on May 24, 2022, your site will be eligible to use the latest major release from WordPress — WordPress 6.0. While this version is not the big jump that Gutenberg was, there are some implications for your site theme + your plugins that you should be aware of. Translation: this update could affect the […]

Add Two-Factor Authentication to your WordPress site

Whether you’ve heard horror stories of websites getting hacked, or you’re simply looking to step up your online security, this option is one of the easiest. When you add two-factor authentication to WordPress, it makes the simple login screen much harder to break into. And that means one less spot for folks to gain access […]

How to add a new user to WordPress

Adding a new user to WordPress is so easy, this site didn’t cover the steps to do it until right now. (Whoops.) Truly, it’s a really simple process + worth doing to make sure you’re not sharing passwords. Speaking of, there are a few tips + tricks for creating this new account securely to keep […]

Switch from Classic Editor to Gutenberg

Are you ready to make the switch from Classic Editor to Gutenberg within WordPress? The good news is that you can do it in phases — because WordPress was smart enough to include a Gutenberg Block specifically for that old style of content. Step 1: remove the Classic Editor plugin When WordPress first announced Gutenberg, […]

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