Due dates + deadlines

Project launch deadlines are bullshit…the majority of the time.

Updating your website before a large industry event, or making sure your shop is prepped in time for the holiday season – not bullshit.
Demanding that you launch on a particular Tuesday because you like the date number + don’t have any appointments that day – total bullshit.
Up until a few weekends ago, I was piling a stack of ? on my own self a mile high. Then I decided I wanted to start being a bit kinder to myself.
I had wanted so badly to launch my new sales page theme on Friday, as in last Friday. But in order for that to happen, I needed to work nights + weekends to hopefully be able to meet my self-imposed deadline. The to-do list for launching my first theme was longer than I anticipated + it’s been so important to me to make sure the instruction guides for this are crystal clear. Hence the more work that was required.

I don’t know about you,
but I’m over the never-ending hustle.

Why did I want to launch on Friday, May 6th? Because. Seriously, that’s it. I had no appointments that day. I thought a Friday launch would be great for people using the theme on the weekend (see how I’m encouraging other workaholics?!). And I’m traveling this weekend so I wanted to launch before then.
After a few stressful days, I stopped in my own tracks + realized that launch dates should be way more like due dates instead of deadlines. Not that I’ve ever had a due date, but from my understanding, it’s not a guarantee that your kiddo will arrive on that day. It’s just a place to start knowing that they could surprise you early, or hang out for a few days + show up late.

Launches + website projects can feel like our own children in how closely we hold them to our hearts, so why doesn’t the due date rule apply?

So here I am, the recovering type A perfectionist, letting you know that I’m planning on launching my new sales page theme, a peel, on the 23rd. Those extra 2 weeks made me feel like I could enjoy my nights + weekends, while still putting in the hard work during the week to deliver something I’m SO PROUD of. (Sorry for yelling, I really just wanted you to know that this is a big deal.)

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