You can make your business better

If it wasn’t obvious, I’m a sucker for technology. I’ve been coding websites for a decade + have been learning with the changes that come my way in terms of displays (retina resolution + screen sizes), touch commands on mobile devices vs mouse clicks on computers, new platforms + the cloud! All things that are advertised as ways to make your business better.

It’s so easy to get distracted by the latest thing in technology. Whether it’s a new project management system, the latest iPhone or a new computer, shiny can be very enticing.

I always got sucked into the trap of looking at the latest software that my fellow entrepreneurs were talking about. If it was worth them using, maybe I was missing out on some amazing things? (Can you say FOMO?)

So I worked at those impulses. I focused my attention on done being better than perfect. Or the reality that I often used this “research” time to avoid doing the actual thing that needed to be done. I’m not free of my tendencies to get distracted, but I am proud of how far I’ve come.

But things could be better.

My workflow recently changed when I got wireless earbuds. I connected them to my phone + sat down at my computer. Minutes later, I actually said aloud – to just myself + the dogs – “Whoa. I am so glad I have these now.”

Why? Because I had been tethered to my computer with my headphones before. Not the end of the world + certainly a first world problem. But the reality is that the cable that ran from the back of my iMac to my ears would drape across my trackpad + cause my mouse to misbehave at least 3 times a day. And if the doorbell rang, I’d have to take off the headphones before I could stand up, or risk causing my iMac to slide across/off my desk. That would be no bueno to say the least.

But now? I can come + go from my desk freely. My trackpad doesn’t misfire thinking the cable is a finger. And my hair doesn’t get pressed down from the headphone band.

Sure, it’s the little things. But those little things add up when they make your day better.

Now make your business better.

How do you avoid jumping on a trendy bandwagon when you don’t need to, while making improvements to your own business? Simple. Ask yourself where the problems are.

What hurdles or headaches do you experience daily?

Even if they seem small or like first world problems, this question is the key to easy ways to make your business better. It might not be a pair of wireless earbuds, but maybe it’s the process clients go through to sign contracts. Get curious about how you check email.

Ask yourself that question + get really honest. Make a list from that and see how much you can improve things for yourself and for your clients.

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