Where I work

It should be no surprise that my office is riddled with blue + orange items. From my blue Herman Miller chair to my orange IKEA storage boxes, my brand colors are a core feature of the office. But it’s not just about the colors — shocking, I know. I rely on my carefully curated tech + hand-picked desk essentials to run tiny blue orange.

{Note: none of these links are affiliate links. it’s truly what I use + love non-stop.}

The stars of the show

the things that i don’t think i could live without are my IKEA sit/stand desk + Apple iMac. While these are 2 of the most spendy items in the office — that beautiful chair cost a pretty penny too — they are my absolute favorite. I picked up the IKEA desk just over a year ago + have loved it ever since.

{Check out this nerdy instagram video of me showing it off from when i first got it.}

Being able to adjust whether I am sitting or standing throughout the day with the simple press of a button is a game-changer.

Also a game-changer, switching my business from a laptop-only studio to a desktop computer. For the first 5 years of tiny blue orange, I used my mac laptop. It worked just fine, especially when I got an external monitor to hook it up to. But investing in my 27 inch iMac in late 2012 meant that I felt much more official, which changed how I showed up in the online world. The extra screen size, hard drive space + processor speed made me feel really boss. and isn’t that the goal?

Paired with my wireless solar powered keyboard + rechargeable trackpad (no mice on this desk!), my tech setup is something I’ve put years + piles of money into. But when your business revolves around building top-notch websites + keeping them safe from hackers, the tech is a vital part of operations.

One thing that you might be wondering is why I don’t use an external monitor with my iMac. I actually did for a long time + it has its perks.

However, my focus in the last 16 months or so has been to stop trying to multi-task + go into “code mode” as much as possible. Removing the external monitor helped me stay on track with that. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss having a second screen to speed up my browser testing process.

The supporting cast

While my pups Pixel + Brutus are technically the real supporting cast, they are each one-of-a-kind, which means you can’t get them for your own office. Instead, I’d recommend sprucing up your space with some branded desk accessories like I’ve done.

Just to the left of my computer is a collection of poppin items — cup holder, note tray, scissors + pens. I also have the monitor stand on order after trying the idea with a stack of books first. Adding quality accessories that further brand the office cues me visually to what I’m doing here. That may sound silly, but it’s the same thing as all of the experts advising that you only sleep in your bedroom (versus watching TV, doing work, etc). Single-tasking per the room in your home can help trigger your brain to do the activity, whether that be sleeping, working, relaxing, etc.

I also love my custom Bose noise-cancelling headphones for listening to music while I work, keeping background noise out of skype calls + taking with me on trips around the country. When there are loud talkers + upset kiddos on your flight, being able to put on headphones that will keep those sounds out of your ears is magic.

Honorable mentions

The final breakdown of things I use every day must start with my evernote moleskine notebooks. I love these lined notebooks for sketching, listing out task details + taking notes during client calls. I use a modified bullet journal style approach + it has worked well for me so far.

Even though in the photo above, Pixel is using it as a place to park her tush, the anti-fatigue mat under my desk is mission critical for anyone who can stand at their desk but has hardwood floors. Seriously. I’m so grateful for Amazon Prime because after 2 days of having my sit/stand desk, my feet were miserable! I promptly ordered that mat + it solved my tired feet problems.

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