Styling WordPress blog posts with Gutenberg

We’ve heard the lessons, lectures + tips that you need great content to build an audience online. And trust me, I completely agree with that. But today I want to visit something that compliments your amazing content… styling WordPress blog posts (or pages) to make them beautiful, easy to read + great for SEO. Styling […]

Setting website goals

Whether you’re into resolutions or not, the end of a year (and a decade) is a time for reflection. It’s a great opportunity to review what your site has done for your business. As well as what is possible in the new year. And with that information, you can set website goals if you’d like. […]

WordPress site health score

Do you ever use the “Tools” section in the backend of your WordPress site? Most bloggers + business owners don’t and that has a lot to do with the fact that not much lived there. Until WordPress introduced Site Health. What is Site Health This new feature of WordPress 5.2 + above gives you the […]

Customize your WordPress dashboard

Many users skip customizing their WordPress dashboard because it’s not clear that it’s customizable. But really, the hardest part of this entire process is deciding which boxes are most important to you. Other than that, it’s as easy as clicking checkboxes, click-and-dragging your mouse + clicking a link or button. The default WordPress dashboard When […]

The 3 types of WordPress privacy

When talking about privacy in WordPress, there are 3 areas that you might be chatting about — privacy policy pages, private pages + search engine visibility. Learn the differences + which one of them you truly need on your site. WordPress Privacy Pages I’m going to kick this section off by reminding you that I […]

WTF is a plugin?

Much like widgets, the term “plugin” is not specific to WordPress. Outside of my favorite blogging platform, plugins are defined as “a small piece of software that supplements a larger program” + I think that definition will help break down what exactly a WordPress plugin is. WordPress Plugins According to, “plugins are PHP scripts […]

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