Free WordPress plugins that help your SEO

There are so many plugins for WordPress, it can be tricky to find the right ones. For anyone looking to grow their business, these free WordPress plugins that help your SEO are worth installing. If you haven’t seen the 3 easy ways you can rank better on google post, check that out first. These recommendations will help in the efforts you make with those 3 ideas.

The three free WordPress plugins that help your SEO

SSL — Force SSL Plugin

You must purchase an SSL for this plugin to work. So yes, the plugin is free, but the SSL may not be.

Once you’ve purchased an SSL from your hosting company or domain registrar (if they don’t provide them for free like we do), you’ll need to update your settings in WordPress to use the SSL.

In non-geek speak, you’ll need to route all users to the version of your site that starts with https not http.

This plugin will route the traffic for you simply by installing it. No work necessary!

Content — Yoast SEO Plugin

This is the top rated SEO plugin for WordPress + there’s a reason for that. It will ramp up the search engine optimization for every page + post that you want to put a little effort into.

Once you’ve installed this plugin, you can set meta information for each page + post on your site, one at a time. While that may feel overwhelming, start with the pages listed in your navigation. Or, even better, start by taking this free Yoast SEO ecourse. After knocking the menu pages out, look at your top rated content to get even more eyes on it.

Speed — W3 Total Cache Plugin

Google has started including page speed (site load times) in the equation for where a page ranks. By speeding up your site, you’ll have better chances of ranking better.

If your hosting company doesn’t offer you CDN (pssst, we do), you can use this free caching plugin to mimic the results. They won’t be as fast, but it will be faster than your pages load now.

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