43 options, settings + details for your next post

I’m certainly a creature of habit. a lot of times I log into my site + work on a post the same way that I added the one before it – even though they might have completely different types of content. Or I simply “zone out” + only use the settings that I’m used to changing. Odds are, I’m not the only one.

When you work on your latest blog post, are you taking advantage of the features WordPress has?

I put together an easy-to-follow cheatsheet for understanding some great tools you should use the next time you write an amazing blog post. In fact, there are 43 items defined so you’ll be able to update your next blog post with speed + skill. It’s also a good reminder of the ways that you can improve your post for you + your readers.


Ready to get nerdy about blog post settings + tools? Download your techy terms: WordPress posts PDF right now!
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